Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm

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Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm The concentration of a healing hospital is to make an environment which aids to decrease the tension level of patients and their kin. When the patients are transferred to the hospitals they went through a lot of tension and anxiety like, frightening of the unknown, hurting therapeutic processes, modification in financial status because of the increasing expenses due to hospitalizing and are considerable as most hard times of their life. By careful self evaluation of the fact that spirituality is one of the greatest key factor in the healing recovery stage, the healing hospitals goal is to enhance overall wellness of the patients and their relatives like brain, spiritual, and feeling needs of life…show more content…
People have different perspectives towards spirituality, and religions and whatever the decision of the patient, it is the responsibility of the health care authority to provide love and compassionate kindness to everyone regardless of their belief systems, preferences, and choices. Erie Chapman who is a pioneer and manager in Loving Care Paradigm suggested five challenges that healing hospitals need to bring up on a daily basis. First of all the technological predestined in medical field influential health care professions and they were to forget the necessities of healing such as loving care and beliefs in oneness of mind, body soul, and spirit (Chapman, 2011). Because most of the old nursing and other health field workers are not using with new technological advances like computer charting they tend to promise the balance between technologies of technological challenges changed from patient facility to profits and market sharing. The individuals have to take the job to provide holistic loving care to the leaders. Thirdly the common institutionalism such as gowns, identification numbers, shared rooms etc in locations like traditional hospitals and jails etc would create the emotion appeal of hostage in individuals. Chapman criticizes this action as a robotic precision. Fourth cynicism is harmful to the patient care. Healing companies the emotional and spirit filled needs of the
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