Healing Hospital Paradigm

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| The Healing Hospital Paradigm | | | Grand Canyon University:HLT-310(HLT-310V-0103) | 2/6/2013 | | The Healing Hospital paradigm is a new aspect that many hospitals are now taking into consideration, although modern medicine has many branches which in most cases have based their principles on scientific medical attention that involved the use of drugs to achieve the desired effects needed for a patient’s revival or progress health wise. However with the inclusion of the healing paradigm, most hospitals are seeing a positive increase in patient response to treatment and faster recovery time. Healing as the Oxford English Dictionary states, is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again…show more content…
There are however various challenges in the present hospital designs which hinders such healing environments. Looking at an article by Terri Zborowsky which shows that a number of recent studies do show that being close to nature helps increase the meditation of patients which may be suffering from constant stress or excessive anger (Zborowsky. et. al,2013) . Some hospitals take this for granted and do not have small parks close by which may help with such relaxation. Another issue which is easily overlooked is very little options that patients are given in their rooms such as a controllable room and lighting, most hospitals in actual fact have designs similar to that of a jail house rather than a place of comfort and care (Zborowsky. et. al,2013). If patients are put in a more relaxing room with basic options available to them, there would definitely be a reduction in the stress level faced by the patients. The simplicity of most hospital building tend to create a feeling that time passes very slowly, and to a patient this could be very frustrating because as most patients may have the inability to leave their bed without much difficulty, they are usually forced to watch or stare at empty white/green walls which may actually cause more stress (Zborowsky. et. al,2013). However studies have shown that
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