Healing Hospital: a Daring Paradigm Essay

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Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm Diana Josh GCU Spirituality in Health Care HLT- 310V June 23, 2013 Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm Today in our society the culture of hospital mainly concentrates on treating symptoms and curing patient physically rather than treating patients as whole. A holistic approach is invented in healing hospital. This paradigm encompasses healing person as a whole by upholding harmony of mind, body and spirit. According to Erie Chapman the president and CEO of the trust, the main commitment of healing hospital is to deliver and fashion a radical loving care ("Journal of Sacred work," 2009). In this essay writer will discuss the apparatuses of healing hospital and its relation to spirituality;…show more content…
Single patient’s rooms promote privacy, prevent infection and endorse good rest and sleep. Advanced technology expedites test results, and facilitates physicians to see results from physician’s office which in turn help them to make critical decision if needed. The rooms also equipped with entertainment system so that patient could listen to music, education sessions and comedy channels (Eberst, 2008). The Mendocino Coast district hospital, the first healing hospital recommends that to gratify benchmarks of healing hospital each departments in the hospital should employs simple informative tools for patients and visitors that create health awareness and inspire healthy living. For instance testing departments provided with training program to reduce stress surgery division offer guided imagery CD to start healing process before surgery. The hospital took a positive role in improving health of the community ("Mendocino Coast District Hospital," 2009). The last and most vital element of healing hospital is implementing a culture of Radical Loving Care. This philosophy of empathetic care was advocated by Erie chapman who is the leader of health care industry. The purpose of the philosophy is to take health care staffs back to their root and reminding them the reason why they went to health care (Eberst, 2008). This philosophy stimulates the healing of clients through holistic approach. It is very

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