Essay on Health 1000 Unit 3 Study Aid

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HLTH 1000 Exam 3 Study Guide Sleep and Your Health (Workbook) · How much of our life do we actually spend sleeping? 1/3 · Maintaining a structured 8 hours of sleep can help you maintain or even lose weight. · What are 5 emotional effects of sleep deprivation? Lower anger threshold, increased irritability, increased frustration, increased nervousness, difficulty in handling stress · If you feel alert during the day then you are probably getting enough sleep. · Approximately how long does it take a well-rested person to fall asleep at night? 15-20 mins · You cannot cancel your sleep debt by sleeping more on the weekends. · During what stage of sleep do we dream? REM ·…show more content…
(Page 215) · List and define the four stages of Masters and Johnson’s human sexual response cycle. (Page 217) Excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution · What is the difference between abstinence and celibacy? (Page 218) Abstinence is the avoidance of sexual intercourse while celibacy is long-term abstinence · What do sexual fantasies allow people to experience? (Page 218) Things they would be uncomfortable doing in real life · Which of the non-intercourse sexual activities is not necessarily “safe” sex? (Page 218) Oral sex · Anal intercourse is one of the riskiest of sexual behaviors in terms of both injury and transmission of infectious disease. (Page 220) · Define sexual orientation. (Page 220) Romantic and physical attraction toward others · What sex researcher theorized that sexual orientation could be delineated on one basic continuum, broken down into seven parts? (Page 221) Alfred Kinsey · List some strategies for effectively communicating about sex. (Page 221) Prepare, set a time to talk, ask questions, recap decisions · Since 1973, how does the American Psychiatric Association view homosexuality? (Page 221) A normal variant of sexual orientation · What is the most accurate way to define bisexuality? (Page 222) Having romantic or sexual
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