Health : A Dynamic Concept

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Question 1
Health is a dynamic concept, and is constantly evolving and changing over time. It is widely recognised that there are five dimensions of health; physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. These dimensions constantly interrelate and interact with one another to create an individual’s overall health status.
This is no different in the case of Samantha. Each of the dimensions of health is closely linked, and aids in viewing her health on a holistic level. All five dimensions are affected by Samantha’s health choices; for example, Samantha faces large amounts of stress from preparation for the HSC as well as her family responsibilities, which are factors that directly affect her mental health. But, the stress she endures has caused her to eat unhealthy amounts of fast food and smoke cigarettes in order for her to relieve stress, which negatively impacts on her physical health. Other examples of Samantha’s health choices determining the state of the health dimensions include the grief of her father’s death affecting her emotional health, her supportive friendship with Mike affecting her social health, and her epiphany at the doctors to start getting fit following a confronting diagnosis affecting her spiritual health. All these factors relate in different forms, and support the concept that health is dependent on the interrelation between dimensions, and should be viewed in a holistic level.
Question 2
Samantha does have some degree of control over her…
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