Health And Good Food At New Zealand

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The customer is a main thing from the business, without customer, the business will not run. As an entrepreneur, we have to observe what the needs of the customers become. When we think about societal changes, recognize that the customer’s needs and wants evolve, with that evolution there is an opportunity for the emergence of new ventures started by entrepreneurs, we also want to anticipate societal change and recognize that entrepreneurs who anticipate such changes are going to play a more successful role in entering and growing and scaling their new ventures in these space (Green, 2015, p. 70). Nowadays, people more concern about their health, they start to exercise and consume the health foods. New Zealand has struggling to reduce the obesity in adults and children. Based on these conditions, we can evaluate the needs, wants and fears of the customer. Health and good food become the answer to solving the problem that customer face like the risk of serious health conditions that causing by eating habit of bad foods. With hydroponic products, people can try to alter their consumption through foods to get a healthier life and longer life expectancy. The target market is household, hotels and restaurants, the community of vegan and vegetarian people, pregnant women who want to keep the pregnancy health and to people who more recognize about make healthy meals as a lifestyle to become stay health.

C. Value Proposition To capture the issues that customers face, we have…
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