Health And Health Care Of African American

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What is Mr. Watt’s risk factors related to colon cancer? Consider all aspects of his health, his family history and his culture. There are several race traits and risk factors from African-American such as Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, and Pneumonia/Influenza. Also they have those risk factors due to cultural difference diet and exercise such as hypertension, coronary artery disease, stroke, end stage renal disease, dementia, diabetes, and certain cancers. Especially, diabetes has more frequency reason of death among Black elders than in other ethnic people except American Indians (Health and Health Care of African American , n.d). In addition, according to the Health and Health Care of African American (n.d.), the death rate for all cancers is 30% higher for African Americans than for Whites, e (Health and Health Care of African American, n.d). According to the survey of Omokhodion( n.d), Current health problems were low back pain, muscular and joint pain, eye irritation and knife injuries for working as a butcher. The main health problems reported by butchers were musculoskeletal disorders like low back pain, muscular and joint pain, eye irritation and injuries (Omokhodion, n.d). In those reason from his job, he has high risk injury from musculoskeletal and his ideal body weight is 166-202 LBS. However, his weight is over more than 100 LBS. This will be more high cause of injuries. Thus, his father died due to caner related to bowel and his mother passed away
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