Health And Life Style Of Graduate Students At Central Michigan University

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Health and Life Style of Graduate students at Central Michigan University MSA 699 Project Report Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Administration (Concentration in Health Services Administration) By Abhinay Sunkara Student ID# 613594 Project Instructor Dr. David Freed July, 2015 CHAPTER ONE DEFINITION OF THE PROBLEM Background In the modern day period, the amount of the money spent by Americans on health care costs escalating rapidly, the citizens and government officials is trying to find out various…show more content…
The main differences between U.S and other ten industrialize countries was that those countries practices mainly preventive medicine where emphasis was laid on healthy lifestyle habits whereas U.S practiced curative medicine. Secondly, there is Universal Coverage of health care services in those countries whereas U.S had no universal coverage for its citizens. According to Shi, Singh& D.A (2012) the main reason for high health care costs in United States are: 1. Emphasis on treatment based system rather than on disease management system. 2. Preference to interventional methods rather than preventive medicine. 3. Disorganized health care system. 4. Practice of defensive medicine, like unwanted tests and diagnosis to avoid liability and lawsuit issues. 5. Lack of primary care physicians at the entry level. 6. High cost of drugs. 7. Health care system in the hands of insurance companies who paid physicians on the quantity of patients treated rather than on the quality of care provided. Research Problem
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