Health And Mental Health Awareness

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Introduction Mental health and mental health awareness are a focus in our society and social structure; raising awareness and destigmatizing mental issues has come a long way. Unfortunately, some members of society still fear discrimination and stigmatization. This issue becomes more significant when works who experience high levels of stress do not disclosure their mental issues to their superiors; This increases the chance of having severe/frequent episodes. One of the main reasons workers do not disclose such information is in fear being seen as less reliable, and thus affecting the security of their job negatively. In this paper, I will propose starting a committee that ensures the job security of those who disclose their mental health issues and the appropriate support they need to cope with the high-stress jobs they have. Nature and magnitude of the problem Present day jobs can have very high levels of stress. According to a 2007 study, 31% of workers in Canada experience chronic work stress (Another study showed that this figure is only 18% among workers in Alberta). Among such workers, 10% have one or more mental disorders. The combination of stress and mental illness can be very detrimental, even in cases where workers have not had a mental health related episode recently. A 2009 study showed that workers who previously had a mental health related episode were seven times more likely to experience another one. This study did not factor chronic stress. As Dewa et
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