Health And Person Centred Care

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This essay will discuss Health and Person Centred-Care, what it is, and how in adult nursing field it is relevant and promoted and put in action. Through the factors such as lay health belief, health, health promotion & person centred care. These influence of lay health belief of people’s attitudes and values that will be encounter in the field of practise.

An aspect of care is the lay believes of people. Naidoo. J, Wills. J. (2009) Lay concept of heath is the obvious views of health which are passed from one person to each other through culture and socialising and other people from different areas and ages won’t be the same. It is the views and opinions of what health is to the general public, these can differ depending on gender, age and social class. According to, Scriven, A., Ewles, Linda, & Dawson Books. (2011.). Lay concept is different, though it follows the same bases as Naidoo and et ideas, It is how the public view health, but recognises it is different such as social status, gender, age making differences on lives and people may sacrifices other values of health to make other aspects feel better. The professional concepts are people working in health care; they are focussed on being objective. Examine current conditions of the person’s health, then create a care plan and proceed to treatment for patient. Health professionals may not see lay beliefs as having the same validity as medical information or even inconvenient. It is necessary to respect the concept,
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