Health And Safety : An Essential Aspect Of Any Health Or Social Care Setting

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Task 1
Health and safety is an essential aspect of any health or social care setting. The one particular setting that I am basing my information on finding a range of hazards for is a preschool environment. Preschool is where there is a range of high risks and each individual risk has to be risk assessed to identify how we can prevent the hazard from happening to the young children that are studying there. The facilities should be checked thoroughly to maintain the safety of all pupils and staff. I will identify all hazards that could be in a play area .
The physical environment includes everything that is selected around everyone working or any people and children that are in the building. Examples of this could be the building or the temperature. The temperature of the radiator can be hazardous to children if they are too hot and they are not thermostatically controlled then the children could burn themselves .
Another hazard could be the lighting, this is very important for the younger children. When lighting levels are low, too high, or inconsistent our ability to complete tasks safely is compromised. The children’s eyes could get tired or sore, which can lead to headaches and work mistakes. There a lot more hazards with poor lighting such as Headache and eyestrain even Neck, back, and shoulder strain when straining to see items because of poor lighting with children they could Fall down or start dropping materials or tools such as scissors.
Hazards from equipment

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