Health And Safety At The Workplace

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Health and Safety in the Workplace The health and safety in the workplace for workers has created a continual concern in the United States since the country was discovered. Although, a healthy and safe work environment can be described as a work area free of health risks and absent unsafe conditions. Indeed, the definition encompasses additional legal, moral, ethical issues. Particularly, reporting safety issues rather than choosing to ignore them, refusing to fall under peer pressure or fear of retaliation, not accepting bribes and making the conscious decision to report violators of the rules. Initially, certain accidents and injuries within industries were accepted and considered a consequence of the job, eventually workers became less accepting of inadequate working conditions began demanding safer work environments. Therefore, numerous labor unions and organizations formed throughout the history of the United States intended to resolve and mediate issues between employees and employers, including the health and safety of the workers in the workplace. Nevertheless, in an effort to avoid confusion on the accountability of employee health and safety in the workplace the author of this paper has examined the separate entities of OSHA, employers and employees. Although, a minute majority of workers believe that OSHA exclusively is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of workers in the workplace; the alternative belief is that it is the individual responsibility of
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