Health And Safety At Work Act 1974

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Introduction During my investigation, I will look at how changing legislation is affecting the fatality rates in the construction industry in Wales and Tripura. I will do this by comparing the legislation between these two places and by determining which area has the best legislation protecting their workforce. I will also look at which kind of accidents caused the fatalities. Wales In Wales, there is a specific piece of legislation designed to protect the workforce and anyone else who could encounter hazardous situations while at work. This legislation is called the health and safety at work act 1974, often abbreviated to HASWA 1974. Health and safety at work act 1974 Under the health and safety at work act 1974 (HASWA 1974), the…show more content…
• However there were forty two fatal injuries to employees fourteen of these losses were to the self-employed. This compares to an average of forty six fatalities over the earlier five years – with an average of seventeen to the self-employed (RIDDOR) • There were a predicted seventy six thousand total cases of work related illnesses and injuries, (i.e. deafness, asbestos related diseases and vibration white finger) of which thirty one thousand were new cases (LFS); • An estimated two point three million working days were lost in 2013/14, one point seven million due to illnesses and five hundred and ninety two thousand due to workplace injury, making a total of one point one days lost per worker involved in the construction industry (LFS). • Injuries and new cases of illnesses caused largely from current working conditions, construction workers cost society over one point one billion pounds per year. Statistics taken from – (Graph created in Microsoft Excel using figures obtained from my college tutor) (Graph created in Microsoft Excel using figures obtained from my
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