Health And Safety At Work Act

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Task 2 There are quite a few legislations and guidelines that organizations have to work within such as Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) also known as (HASW), it’s the primary legislation covering health related in England. Under this Act it’s important that employers undertake risk assessment, communicate health and Safety to their employees and anyone who may be affected by its activities. It also requires employee’s’ to maintain the working environment, handling dangerous substances and to be provided with suitable training to ensure health and safety in workplace and to be provided with any personal protective and safety equipment free of charge (HSE, 2011). Under the health and safety legislation, other regulation were put in place to protect individuals health by ensuring that risks are properly controlled such as the mentor capacity Act 2007, which governs decision making on the behalf of audits who lose the lacking capacity at some time in their live or where the incapacitating condition has been present since birth. The Management of health and safety 1999, which aim to identify potential hazards and risks in workplace and enables organisations to work within the law and Manual Handing Operations Regulation 1992, set that there is sufficient space and lighting, all equipment have to be well maintained, records all injuries and provide training when need as well as compliance to each service user (HASAWA, 1974). In consideration with the mentor capacity act

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