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Explain how health and safety is monitored and maintained and how people in the work setting are made aware of risks and hazards and encouraged to work safely.
When setting up an effective classroom, a variety of factors must be carefully considered and balanced. This must be carefully addressed as you plan the environment:
Storage. Storage areas are a little like entrances and exits, they receive lots of traffic and are noisy and congested. For these reasons, storage areas can sometimes foster disruptive behavior and noise. Provide easy access to materials, allowing children to get what they need quietly and easily. The closer materials are to where they will be used, the better. Storage must also be designed so that materials for
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Several equipment companies have introduced dividers that attach directly to storage units and furniture. Ideally, dividers should be multi-functional for use as storage units, play furniture, and display boards. Keep in mind that solid dividers or walls disrupt the circulation of air in the classroom and limit supervision of children. Less solid dividers, like fabric, avoid this problem. One teacher creatively used colorful fabric streamers attached to the ceiling as effective dividers.
School Staff needs to: Ensuring that safe work practices and procedures are applied within school ∙ Make termly inspections to ensure that a safe and healthy environment is maintained ∙ Establishing a system for the reporting, recording and investigating of accidents and ensuring that this is applied rigorously ∙ Ensuring that all members of the school community are aware of their own responsibilities ∙ Monitoring and reviewing this policy and ensuring that necessary revisions are undertaken ∙ Ensuring that all staff are familiar with the Health and Safety Policy of the school and any other codes of practice and legislation ∙ Facilitating safety training for staff ∙ Taking active steps to ensure that equipment, buildings and grounds are safe, secure and well maintained and that any damage is quickly rectified ∙ Ensuring that there are arrangements for the speedy evacuation of the buildings in case of fire or other emergency

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