Health And Safety Improve Manager Training Program Essay

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much heavy lifting or manual materials handling.

b. The title and at least TWO objectives of the training programme
Title:Health and Safety improve manager training program
1. Make the new employees find the right job.and to know company background.
2. Improve the efficiency of new employees.

c. How to conduct training need Analysis and target trainees
Due to the warehousing operation training is a practical course, it’s recommend that adopt integrated teaching mode in the training process,and emphasis on the training of actual operation. During the process of training, it’s necessary to equip with the corresponding training facilities and equipment. Since the core of the training is to cultivate the employees’ practical skills, it can be appropriately to simplify the theory teaching, but overmuch is unfavorable. In order to achieve a better effect on training, it had better train on One to One or two instruction

d. Training content and time frame for conducting training using on -or off-the-job training methods
Day 1: Learn company profile and the basic situation of the warehouse operation
Day 2: Know the process of warehouse operation and master the skill of operation
Day 3: Master the management work of warehouse operation with case analysis
Day 4: Master the modern technology of warehouse operation,safety education
Day 5: Master the operation of goods receiving,warehousing and delivery
Day 6: Learn the skill of sing and maintaining of warehouse equipment

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