Health And Safety Of The Workplace

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Health and safety in the workplace are both important topics that need to be incorporated in the workplace environment so that all parties involved in a company are protected and secure. There are many objectives that have been discussed in this class that are essential to an employee’s general health and overall safety while performing job tasks and responsibilities. The following objectives have been chosen from one particular week of discussion, and they will be discussed in more detail. These objections include: assess when to investigate, what to investigate, and who should investigate accident investigations; describe workplace stress, its causes, and human reactions that may occur; describe preliminary and detailed hazard analysis; define workplace ethics and explain the guidelines for determining ethical behavior; and finally, identify workplace violence reduction strategies and explain them. From week 4 of our assignments, we learned about accident investigations. Accidents need to be investigated as soon as everyone involved in the accident is under control and cared for as needed. According to our text on page 163, “waiting too long to complete an investigation can harm the results.” (Goetsch, 2015) Facts may become distorted if one waits too long to begin an investigation. All accidents need to be investigated, no matter how large or small. The main reason that investigations are conducted is to collect facts, rather than find blame. Investigators
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