Health And Safety Performance Through Integration Of Integrated Management Systems

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Various issues affecting health and safety have characterized the construction industry. The industry is considered as one of the high-risk areas of operation both in developed and developing nations. As such, various efforts have been introduced to help address this problem appropriately. This paper undertakes a literature review in the issue of health and safety systems characterizing construction firms and the diverse management systems they are adopting to facilitate to help them meet OHSAS 18001 certification standards. It shows that since construction firms have a major influence on gross domestic product and employment in countries, there is a need to ensure that the firms operating in this industry meet the health and safety standards needed. The paper embarks a methodology for measuring the health and safety performance through integration of integrated management system and the role of initial safety review in allowing firms to follow the regulations, policies, and standards of operation, which in turn boost their compliance with OHS. Furthermore, it recommends organizations, such as ABC Company to devise ways of inspecting results and measuring performance of H&S and OHSAS 18001 to ensure that companies realize increased competitiveness in the marketplace. HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT PRACTICES: OHSAS 18001 CERTIFICATION
1. Introduction
Issues in health and safety have been major areas of concern in the construction industry. Even though dependable records are
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