Health And Safety Requirements For Computer Aided Drafting And Design

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Health & Safety Requirements for Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) Users.

The current requirements for health and safety for CADD users who use Visual Display Units (VDUs) for their work, is specified by the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992. In this section of the assignment, I will identify some of the most common health and safety concerns and specify the steps that employers and employees need to follow in order to comply with the law and to work safely, including guidelines for workstations, work environment and other equipment.

Physiological Factors Affecting CADD Users

VDUs is a term which encompasses monitors, display screen equipment (DSEs) iPads etc; any screen (usually forming part of a computer) that displays text, numerical data, or graphics. VDUs have been accused of causing a whole range of health problems, but in general these health issues arise as a result of VDUs being used incorrectly rather than the VDUs themselves. One of the most commonly reported health issues relating to VDU usage is repetitive strain injury (RSI) however the cause is usually a more generalised group of disorders known as ‘upper limb disorders’. (Health and Safety Executive, 2011)

Many of the disorders affecting the upper body are exacerbated by stress that can be mitigated by making some simple changes to the work environment. Firstly, ensuring that employees have undertaken the correct training in how to use hardware, software and…
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