Health And Social Care Ethics

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Ethics in the world today help generation from generation, even unborn generation to know what is wrong and what is right. It helps everybody in the world to behave in a cultured manner. Ethics use in an organization have effect on the morale and loyalty of the workers especially when the management has good ethical standards. When workers morale are boosted and loyalty level increases, there will be increase in productivity level, thereby increasing the economy in the world.
There are good qualities of products in the world today because the employees work in complete honesty and integrity because they are able to adhere to policies and rules while striving to meet the goal of organization. Through ethics the planet earth that has finite resources but a growing population was able to prevent repletion of those resources for individual gain at huge cost both to current and future generation
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As bioethics is reflected in different parts of our society like in our healthcare, research, even in the society in general. In healthcare all over the world bioethics increases the awareness of the health workers in medical practice and improve the ability of the health workers to understand patient as an entity. Health workers are now able to work with patient based on ethical which was once a problem all over the world. Bioethics dealing with ethical problems has greatly and significantly improve healthcare in our society
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