Health And Social Care Intervention

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HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE INTERVENTION THAT MAY REVERSE THE FACTORS WHICH CONTRIBUTE TO THE LIKELIHOOD OF BECOMING FRAIL A case study of Bill as presented will be critically explored in the essay. It will highlights the risk that Bill will present to become frail over the next few years of his life. Different health and social care intervention that might reverse the key factors to determine his likelihood of becoming frail will also be discussed. Bill presenting a physical, social and emotional weakness is obviously part of the symptoms to frailty due to his old age. The recognition of Bill to become frail in the nearest future will prevent adverse outcomes with multidisciplinary treatments. This will enable possible preventive intervention for the professionals. Frailty is considered to contribute to increased health risks which could result in falls, reduced mobility, less independence, and minimal physical activity (Fred et al., 2001). Considering the population prevalence and several possible outcomes, it is estimated that 3-5% of death in older adults could be delayed if frailty is prevented. Frailty assessment provides clinically important information on the survival of older adults (Shamilyan, 2013). An assessment process will need to recognise Bill’s physical and mental frailty. This will help to organise the care that Bill requires in terms of holistic, nutrition and medication management. These assessments will consider Bill’s physical, psychological, social,
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