Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 2 C1

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C1: Describe policies or procedures that relate to the title.
Within an early year’s settings, there should be a cleared and agreed policy on how they will deliver the Early Years’ Foundation Stage’s requirements for development to meet the needs of individual children, their circumstances and the local community. It is stated (in Cache Level 3 Childcare and Education, Early years’ educator, Carolyn Meggitt et al, 2015, page 398/399 16/01/17) that it “should include: A policy statement, aims, curriculum content, roles and responsibility of the staff, teaching and learning, equal opportunities, special educational needs, resources, assessment, parent partnerships, professional development and monitor and review”. This is to ensure that all the needs of each child is met effectively and they are all receiving the support they need in order to develop. Without following the Early Years’ Foundation Stage requirements for development, then some children may not receive the additional support when they require it the most which could damage the child’s holistic development. Another procedure that practitioners need to follow in order to make sure that the children are kept safe within in the setting is
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In every setting, there will be a few designated practitioners who would have went on a first aid course and are the adults to go to when a child is hurt. However, all the practitioners should know the basic steps to do straight away after an injury has occurred. It is essential that practitioners keep clear and accurate records when giving out medicines. If accurate records aren’t kept securely, then the setting will have no proof of what and how much the child has consumed and whether it was acted according to the child’s best interests. If a child does become ill or injured, then the practitioner needs to be aware of the settings policy and follow it
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