Health And Social Care Practitioners

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Delivering Person-Centred Care in the Radiography Department through Communication and Inequalities in Health
Patients in the healthcare settings have been transformed from being only recipients of care to active members in the decision making of their care provision over the last half a century (Dossey and Keegan, 2013). Patients, in the modern society, demand care provision to be focused on their individual needs and choices. This essay is going to explore how health and social care practitioners can deliver person centred care using the concepts of communication and inequalities in health. Person-centred care recognising the client as an individual and focusing on the unique individuality, psychological, spiritual and cultural preferences, and needs, instead of focusing on symptoms and conditions that must be healed. An adept healthcare professional adheres to the principles of this approach to treat patients with dignity and respect. Person-centred care will be delved into and vital components outlined to highlight its importance to both patients and healthcare practitioners. The essay will furthermore explore the constituents of communication and inequalities, and how understanding, knowing and applying these skills can help healthcare practitioners deliver person-centred care to patients. An attempt would be made to elaborate on various ways communication and inequalities influence the delivery of person-centred care. Briefly, the essay would unearth how bad…
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