Health And Social Care Research

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In health and social care research tends to accept the methods of social science research because the projects often involve investigating people’s feelings, observations and attitudes, which do not lend themselves to investigation by scientific methodology.

Quantitative research Scientific method involves quantitative information. For example measuring changes in the body and analysing blood or urine samples. Body mass index is used to measure height and weight to distinguish whether an individual is a healthy weight.
Quantitative research also involves:
-How many times something happens in a given period of time, normally expressed as per minute, per hour and per day.
-How many individuals there are in a particularly category for example those with the disease and those without the disease
- Information involving more complex equipment and processes such as analysing a sample of blood to measure its haemoglobin content to assess whether a patient is anaemic or not
Specific measure instruments are used in quantitative research. Gathered measurements are recorded on a chart, which can reveal how small changes between individual measurements may equal to a more noticeable change over a period of time.

Qualitative research This type of research involves getting together information that cannot be easily quantified and instead can only be recorded using language. This type of data is usually collected using unstructured interviews, audio recording of conversations or…
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