Health And Social Care Sector

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Draw on the concepts you have studied in block 1, critically reflect on the ways in which your own life course has affected how you work in or use health and social care. The purpose of this essay is to consider how the subjects life course has impacted on their use of and work within the health and social care sector. The starting point will be to determine what is meant by the life course and this will be followed by relating the subjects own life course to elements covered in the first block of the module. The life course is an academic approach that considers the stages people pass through from conception to death. It is important to remember that someones life course starts from the moment of conception as choices that our parents make can leave a mark as can nature itself. As with childhood milestones there is transitions from the linear pathway which are generally related to the three aspects Vern Bengston et al (Bengtson, Elder Jr, and Putney, 2011) considered, the biological, psychological and sociological. The life course approach started in the 1960’s prior to this the life cycle approach was used which as Bengston et al (Reference) stated did not really consider the psychological or sociological aspects. The life cycle approach focused on life events that an individual was likely to go through such as marriage and child bearing, whilst the life cycle approach can offer some beneft to showing intergenerational patterns and it is useful to show the cycle of
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