Health And Social Harms Of Coal Mining

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EFFECTS OF MINING IN AUSTRALIA Student Name: Ganesh Lakshmi Teacher Name: Shanes Bennett & Hilda Contents Page No. Introduction 3 Health and social harms of coal mining 3 Some serious threats by mining minerals 4 Deforestation 5 Solutions to control mining problems 6 References 7 INTRODUCTION: Generally, the “Mining” refers to extraction of materials from earth by artificial methods. As considering to the several decades minerals are the central to our modern base life. They are essential to produce materials for construction and manufacturing i.e. steel and cement cannot be made without cooking coal. Metals are used to make the smart phones, computers and televisions we use every day. The use of diamonds in jewellery remains a near-universal symbol of wealth and prestige. However, mining point to the environmental impacts of extracting and using non-renewable resources like coal, the economic distortion that results from one part of the economy booming while the risks to communities that live near large or multiple mining projects as strong reasons why mining should be curtailed or even stopped. At present Australia is one of leading manufacture in coal, uranium and other minerals. The mining boom has bought investments,

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