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Daily health and social carer are in touch with legislation, policies and procedures. The aim of the social carer or family supporter is to provide a qualitative service to the individual. This essay will consider the ways in which health and safety requirements have an impact on the customer and the work of practitioners in the health and social care sector. There will be a range of examples regarding the work place to underpin how health and safety legislations are implemented in the health and social care workplace. “Social Care worker at all levels in social services organisations have a legal duty of care towards each individual who uses services. People who use services can be and are vulnerable to danger, harm and abuse.…show more content…
This includes being aware of the own behaviour in the client’s house, which could be a trigger for an aggressive reaction of the client. Before entering the house it is necessary to get much information as possible about that family. Other sources such as health visitors or school nurse are useful of contact. To build up a professional “boundary” with the family and providing information about the own role in support is helpful and the family knows what is to expect from the supporter. The supporter must be aware anytime about the own safety and the supporter must re-assess continually the risks, it is not allowed for the supporter to enter any location where the supporter doesn’t feel safe. “The information regarding home visiting must be recorded clearly, this includes, the address, contact number, time in and time out. The office staff must be informed before entering the house. (Phone call at least 20 min after entering the house).Regarding the safety policies; it is only allowed to do the home visiting as pairs.” According to (Policies/Safeguarding 2012/Home Visiting Policy) Therefore, to evaluate, the way how the service provider is dealing with information for risk assessment in health and social care is determined for a successful result. Furthermore, the impact to follow the policies in health and social care can be massive on the
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