Health And Social Policy : An Overarching Policy Objective

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2139283B Health and Social Policy in Contemporary Context (Level Three) MA Health and Social Policy 2015 Karen Wright 3000 words In what ways are communitarian frameworks such as social capital useful for understanding and addressing social problems? Critically assess its suitability as an overarching policy objective. This essay aims to critically analyse the use of social capital as a policy objective in relation to tackling re-offending criminal behaviour in women. It is widely recognised that women are being failed within the current criminal justice system with Baroness Jean Corston claiming “Sending non-violent, vulnerable women to prison, many of whom who have been the victims of abuse, is not the answer for these women or their children” (Fawcett Society Commission on Women and the Criminal Justice System, 2009). This is validated by Dalia Ben-Galim, associate director of the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) who said: "While feminism has delivered for some professional women, other women have been left behind. Many of the advances for women at the top have masked inequality at the bottom (The Guardian, 2013). So what is social capital and could it be the answer to meeting the needs of these women? One definition states “Social Capital may be defined as those resources inherent in social relations which facilitate collective action. Social capital resources include trust, norms, and networks of association
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