Health And Stress Correlate With Each Other, Due To The

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Health and stress correlate with each other, due to the fact that one can’t change without the other changing as well. Thus, we can incorporate the social dynamics that health and stress come into play with each other. For example, job security, bills, family issues, etc. can lead to stress that turns into health being affected in the long run. Although stress sounds agonizing and frustrating when in small doses stressors helps us to meet our goals, daily challenges, and helps boost our memory. There are a number of things that add to our stress, like our psychological, biological, and physiological well-being. Although all of these factors contribute to our health and stress, our lifestyles are the first and foremost important factor if…show more content…
On the other hand, I was in my first semester of college, it was going pretty well because I was already familiar with college courses since I took them in high school. Although I was familiar with college courses, I realized that going to school and working was a lot to handle. I mean not only was I having to deal with the demand of job/school on a daily basis, I also had to deal with my mom getting on me about my chores and helping my little sister with her homework. It was hard for me to prioritize my time with all these responsibilities. I felt as if I was trying to do many things at the same time, bending myself for everyone else and avoiding my own responsibilities at times. I just didn’t want to let anyone down or disappoint them. Meanwhile, my job was taking advantage of my good work ethic because they made me manager without giving me my raise and they stated that they wanted to see how I performed as a shift leader before giving me a pay increase. A few months went on and then I decided to ask for my raise. When I requested for a pay increase, they made up so many bogus excuses on why they wouldn’t give it to me. Finally, I resigned because I wasn’t going to let them keep taking advantage of me like that. The worst part is that they didn’t even appreciate all the hard work I did and I tried so hard to be perfect and perform well to the best of my ability. I was so mentally and physically drained
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