Health And The Environment ( Marine Life )

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On the 5th of October 2011, the MV RENA grounded off the Tauranga Coast, on the Otaiti (Astrolabe Reef); this was a cause of a navigational error by the cargo crew. As a result of the grounding, there was a heavy oil spill and loss in debris, this further lead to mass environmental, economic and social implications in the short and long-term (Pullar, 2015). According to * Many efforts have been made to reduce the implications towards health and the environment (marine life) issues. Since the grounding there have been many recovery plans launched in order to restore mauri, in that affected marine environment. In relation to this catastrophe a key development and environmental issue is the proposal to leave the remaining cargo and debris from the grounded Rena, submitted by the Owner and insurer of the Rena. There are few benefits and risks in relation to leaving the wreck in its same position, off the Astrolabe reef; these potential benefits or risks influence many parties.
The benefits are according to* are,
1) People/the public have faster access to the wreck its-self and affected area rather than removing it.
2) The insurer and owner ensure that if wreck remains it will have little effect on the affected area.
3) The effected environment in terms of toxicity levels and marine life have dropped and are at a stable rate, therefore by attempting a whole wreck removal could potentially damage the once affected area.
The risks of leaving the wreck according to *…
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