Health And Wellness Of Older Adults

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Older adults, also known as geriatrics, compose up a very large portion of the population and also require the greatest amount of care. A study found that in “individuals who are older than 65 years old, 85% of those older adults reside in nursing homes, 80% of those individuals require home visits, 60% require full ambulatory adult care, and 50% are hospitalized adult patients” (Ganley and Sheets, 2009). Care of older adults, sociocultural influences, and socioeconomic factors all control older adult’s quality and lifestyle choices. Health and wellness of older adults is a complex and challenging interaction of several factors which requires a commitment from older adults and their caregivers. Care of older adults is crucial in helping keeping them safe and healthy. Nursing facilities, hospice care facilities, and home health agencies all are lacking in employees due to their being a shortage of nursing staff. Older adults have a high prevalence of chronic conditions, which proposes that the home health population is increasingly complex and challenging. A study that examined caregivers found that, “The mean age of primary caregivers was 51.72 years old with most caregivers being female. The relationship between elderly participants and their primary caregiver was predominantly that of husband and wife” (Lin et al, 2006). In cases where the older adult is widowed, older adults have a live-in caregiver that is not related to them. The main role of caregivers is bringing
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