Health As Being Mentally And Physically Content With One 's Self

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There are those who want to become a doctor to keep others healthy and those who want to become a counsellor to also, keep others healthy. This shows that trying to simplify the term ‘health’ into one universal definition could be a difficult task. Physical health that can be tested through x-rays and blood tests, issues such as mental and social health however cannot be tested. A person who is suffering from depression and a person who has a fever should hold the same level of importance to a doctor, parent and society. Health just like people can come in all different shapes and sizes. Health for everyone is not the same. This is shown in different teachings of different disciplines as well. The author defines health as being mentally and physically content with one’s self. Philosophy is a study of problems, which are ultimate, abstract and very general. These problems are concerned with the nature of existence, knowledge, morality, reason and human purpose (Teichmann & Evans, 1999, p.1). Famous philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle and Karl Marx all shared one common goal, which was to find the truth in certain human pneumonias. Philosophy is all about the truth of things. The philosophical understanding of public health consist of “controversial ethical, political and social issues, including those related to vaccinations, the threat of pandemics and possible restrictions to individual liberties, public health research, screening and obesity policy” (Dawson, 2008,
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