Health Assessment: Case Study of a Teen Client with Juvenile Hypertension

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Health Assessment Teen Client with Juvenile Hypertension BIOGRAPHICAL DATA: Date of Visit: Monday, 12/10/2012, 11:30am Name: Franklin G. Salinas Race/Gender Biracial (Hispanic and African-American) / Male Age: 15 DOB: April 2, 1997 Height: 5ft. 6 in. Weight: 73 kg. Address: 3822 Stony Island Avenue Unit #3 Chicago, IL 60618 Phone: (773) 978-1729 Attending Physician: Dr. C. Hines and Dr. N. McCullough Chief complaint: Blurring of vision Clinical Diagnosis: Primary Juvenile Hypertension REASON FOR VISIT: Patient was brought in by mother and father after extended period of complaints regarding blurred vision and headaches. Physical activities result in some labored breathing. Patient is complaining of feeling generally lethargic. Tylenol has been effective in temporarily assisting with symptoms and discomfort. Initial blood pressure readings indicate higher than normal elevations. Also, complaints about "dizzy spells" and occasional feelings best described as vertigo. FAMILY FINANCIAL STATUS: Patient is fully covered under insurance of the father. Both parents are employed full-time and married. There are two other siblings both healthy. Residential area is considered urban. PAST HEALTH HISTORY: Last physical exam was in August 2011, prior to beginning of school year. Patient is fully immunized and undergoes routine health and wellness exams. Describes an allergy to coconut (reaction includes scratchy throat) and penicillin (reaction described as

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