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Course Project Milestone #2: Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan Form
1: Analyze Assessment Data:
Based on the health history information, identify the following:
A. Areas for focused assessment (30 points)
Provide a brief overview of those areas of strength and weakness noted from Milestone #1: Health History. Pt biggest strength is that, he considers himself as an independent person like to take everything positive and have future goals about life. Main weakness includes difficulty to quit smoking.

B. Client’s strengths (30 points)
Expand on areas identified as strengths related to the person's overall health. Support your conclusions with data from the textbook.
Pt considers himself as an independent family oriented person like
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In this case we need to provide education regarding smoking cessation and all the health risk problems associated with it. Introducing supports group and encouraging pt to attend those groups will help pt to stay goal oriented as well as staying healthy. Giving information regarding exercise that can strengthen the musculosketel system will improves pt breathing.
According to our text book one of the objectives for healthy people 2020 is to reduce the asthma deaths and to reduce hospitalization for asthma. The actions include exercise, smoking cessation and support groups (Amico & Barbarito, 2012, Pg.392).

2: Nursing Care Plan
Next, plan your care based on your analysis of your assessment data:
A. Diagnosis (30 points)
Write one nursing diagnosis that reflects a priority need for this person. Remember a wellness diagnosis is a possibility.
Ineffective breathing related to shortness of breath as evidenced by expiratory wheezing and smoking history

B. Plan (30 points)
Write one goal and one measurable expected outcome related to your nursing diagnosis. Explain why this goal and outcome is a priority. Include cultural considerations for this client.
Goal –Patient will express an understanding and desire to stop smoking by the end of

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