Health Assessment For Special Needs Children

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Health Assessment for Special Needs Children Jennifer M. Werner Kaplan University HA-560 Community Health Assessment Submitted July 7, 2015 Health Assessment for Special Needs Children The purpose of this essay is to explore the findings of the health care assessments of children with special needs. It is the compilation of previous research papers in regards to special needs children and their specific challenges. It will detail the needs of these children, the struggles and challenges faced by the parents and how the health care assessments work to improve the quality of life for those children. It will also explain how the reports help in planning interventions within the community as well as how the information can be used in public policy planning. Additionally, this essay will detail the health assessment I have chosen for special needs children and discuss how that information was obtained. U.S. Census data on Brevard County in the state of Florida Using the census website, I was able to assess the findings of Brevard County, Florida. The total population is 556,885 and it is comprised of a wide range of ethnicities with a gender breakdown of 51.2% female. Caucasian people account for 84 percent of the population with African Americans coming in at a very distant second at 10.6 percent. The remaining population breaks down as follows: Hispanic or Latino- 9.0%; two or more races- 2.5%; Asian alone- 2.3%; Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander alone- 0.1%; and
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