Health Assessment, Module Two- Self Actualization

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Introduction Health Assessment is a major part of care in the nursing profession. This topic was study in block one during which ten concepts were identified and further analyzed. First, I begin by giving a brief overview of what the concept entails as it pertains to health assessment. Secondly, current research available for each concept is presented. Then application of concepts to the current job (nursing) is given with particular examples of how these concepts can be useful where appropriate. Lastly application of each concept to current world is presented. Throughout the projects various research text are cited when necessary to bring out relevant points. Identification and Analysis of Concepts Though the intent of the project was to identify concepts evenly throughout the modules, majority of the concepts were introduced in the first 4 modules and therefore concepts from these modules form the bulk for this contextual projects. The following concepts from Block -1 will be examined. Module one – Health history and Health promotion, Module two- Self Actualization, Module three – Therapeutic Relationship, Client centered care, Critical thinking, Patient Advocacy and Delegating and Module 4 – Wellness and Module 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10- Pain. 1. Health History The health history is a collection of organized information unique to an individual. A good health history contains data from many sources including biographical, mental, emotional, demographic, physical, spiritual

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