Health Assessment : Underage Drinking

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Keebiela Porteous HA 560 Community Health Assessment Kaplan University June 16, 2015 Health Assessment: Underage drinking in Brooklyn, NY U.S. Census data on Kings County in the state of New York Brooklyn, NY which is considered Kings County population is 2,621,793, of that population 52.6% are females and 47.4% are males. In regard of races and ethnicity in the Kings County population Only White is 49.5%, Black or African American is 35.4%, American Indian and Alaska Native is 1.0%, Asian is 11.7%, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders are 0.1%, Hispanic or Latino are 19.6% and two or more races are 2.3%. 12% (314,615.16) of the population is 65 years and older, 23.3% is under 18 years old and 7.4% (183,525.51) is under the age of 5. There are 10.8% (269,060) individuals in Kings County with any type of disability. Health Assessment The health assessment in which I focused on is underage drinking. It is a huge problem in the United States amongst the youths. According to the L.A. Health report “Alcohol is the most frequently used drug by teenagers in the United States, and underage alcohol use is a significant national concern.” (Underage Drinking, 2004). “Of underage adult drinkers, 76%obtained alcohol from a home or a private residence, 64% from someone ages 21 years or older, 24% from a restaurant/bar, and 18% from a store.” (Underage Drinking, 2004). I can assume that underage drinking is due to the lack of responsibility of the youth
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