Health Behavior Theory Stages Of Change Model

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When we first began this assignment, I did not think nothing about it. I thought it would be another one of those boring assignments that was just busy work. Take it how you like I enjoyed the papers we did it made me learn new things about my behavior change. My behavior change was to decrease my overall body fat by doing general exercise. Then I dived in deeper and asked what is the best way to lose body fat. There I quickly learned that is not just about exercise it is also as important as dieting. The steps I took to accomplish my behavior change was to stay motivated and not give up. Losing body fat is a physical game just as much as a mental game. There were some days that I did not want to go to the gym because I made excuses like I…show more content…
It applies to my personal experience by laying out the format of how I view challenges like losing body fat. I have been using this helath behavior theory forever and never realized it. This is something I always to before I decided to dedicate myself to something like losing body fat or changing a lifestyle like being more responsible or more helpful to friends and family. I find a strong connection with the health behavior theory Stages of Change…show more content…
Like I said before we can use these steps towards anything. First I pre-contemplate thinking that there is nothing wrong then I contemplate that I should start but maybe late after that is preparation. In preparation, I start to do research and start the first “baby steps” in reaching my goal. Next is action where I am doing things to reach my goal often. Then maintenance making sure I don’t mess up while on my path to my goal. Finally, there is termination which is never looking back. I like this set up because we can use it towards anything not just this assignment. With my personal behavior change I first pre-contemplate thinking that I am fine and that I do not need anything, nothing is wrong. After that I contemplated noticing that change might be good but ill try to lose body fat later. Then I started to prepare by doing the writing assignments that this class has assigned and gaining knowledge and gaining motivation to start to work out. Then I hit the action stage where I acted and made working out to achieve my goal of losing body fat an everyday thing. Then maintenance making sure I stay on track by eating healthy and making my friends keep me motivated to going to the gym. Then termination where right now I go to the gym five days a week and eat healthy compared to what I used to eat. Some
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