Health Behaviors And Health Behavior Change

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Health Behavior Change is an important tool that can be applied to any health care setting to help patients modify health behaviors in order to produce a healthy outcome. Foundations of Health Services class incorporated this model into a project that allowed me to select a health behavior that I desired to modify for 12 weeks, and afterwards, evaluate my success or failure. At the end, I had to reflect about my actions and on my abilities to address the health behavior in order to be able to explain patients the importance of changing a lifestyle and the impact on their health outcome.

At the beginning I had set up an exercise routine every 4 days a week, 30 minutes a day, in order to increase stamina and at the same time reduce probabilities of health complications. Initially, I was motivated with the health behavior change, but over time I have begun to lose focus and motivation, until the point where I desisted to continue the challenge as originally established. I analyzed my situation and realized that patients experience similar circumstances, emotions and feelings. Patients start adherent to something, but after a certain amount of time their adherence levels decreases. It is not due necessary to the fact that they do not believe carrying on the health behavior change is not important however, it might have to do with changes in priorities and other factors that add up to this decline.

Becoming self-aware also made me realize that as a pharmacist, in order to…
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