Health Behaviors Are The Beliefs And Actions Regarding

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Health behaviors are the beliefs and actions regarding your personal well being. These behaviors often stem from adolescence. Observing your mother’s sedentary behavior or watching your father eat a family-size bag of chips in one sitting easily becomes second nature as you grow older. Luckily, it is easy to examine and alter negative behaviors with today’s technology. There are many documentaries, books, and quizzes (among many other means) offering a way to drop a negative habit and pick up a healthy one. After taking the “Evaluate Your Lifestyle” quiz, my results stated I possess good health habits. My scores ranged from nine to ten points in each category. Being a health conscious person, this made me happy with my…show more content…
In my early late teens to early twenties I started to limit my intake of soda after learning about the damage it would potentially cause inside my body. I first realize I needed to drink more water after a visit to my local salon to get my eyebrows waxed. While I thought nothing of it, the esthetician questioned my water intake. After stating I drank very little, she said she knew by my skin. As a woman, this thought blew up in my head. If she could notice my limited water intake by looking at my skin – I wondered what my insides looked like. Naturally, I raced home to chug enough water to fill a bathtub. After a few days, this practice ceased and I continued to not drink nearly enough water for my body. Water may not provide energy, but it is essential to our survival. The benefits include: the balance of bodily fluids, flushes out toxins in body, clearer skin, and overall hydration. Hydration improves performance (Liquid Energy 2005). The recommended water intake for a female my age and size is seventy-two fluid ounces (Water 2014). Low water intake can induce levels of the hormone vasopressin go up with dehydration, and may cause blood sugar to rise (Environmental Nutrition 2012). Symptoms of stress, which can be overcome with a balanced diet and by drinking enough water in a day (Combat Stress 2013). Some of my current health issues related to water intake include acne, allergies, and my mentality. For one week, I chose to
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