Health Behaviors Is Not Always Motivated By Disease Prevention For Example Personal Pleasure

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By simply taking a few small steps and trying to change health behaviours this could have crucial impact on mortality and enhance life. 50 per cent of mortality from the ten principal causes of death is because of behaviour. Therefore it is very important to understand how and what helps people change health behaviours, taking the right steps to change could be as simple as wearing a SPF when out in the sun to reduce risks of cancer (Mark P. Zanna, 2011). ‘A health behaviour can be categorised as an action taken place by a person believing that they are doing so to prevent disease’ according to Karl and Cobb (1966). A general assumption is that behaviour is motivated by the goal of health – however not always is this the case. Change in…show more content…
In society today around half of all deaths are connected to behavioural and lifestyle aspects, such as smoking, unhealthy diets, lack of physical activity and large consumptions of alcohol. Therefore in 2010 a political group starting at 10 Downing Street as the world’s very first organisation devoted to the application of behavioural sciences. The organisation was set up to ensure that people could have better life choices and change certain aspects of their life to try and improve health and wellbeing. The BIT team use tactics to make many services more affordable and convenient for every citizen. Many ideas that are formed are from behavioural science literature where testing’s and trials are used to ensure that their discovery’s work (Behavioural Insights Team, 2014).The role of the team is to reflect in different ways real life situations and to show how people truly behave, rather than how people intend to behave. In 2011 the insight team collaborated with boots the pharmacy introducing a smoking cessation hoping to motivate individuals to give up the habit. Therefore this organisation try and tackle the problem of bad health through environmental factors, not only psychological factors through interventions. By producing posters, looking at the prices trying to target the
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