Health Belief Model

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Examine the advantages and disadvantages of the Health Belief Model in explaining Health-related behaviour.
Although the importance of preventive health cares, many people do not behave in a manner that will look after their own health. The Health Belief Model (HBM) is one relevant theory that claims to predict or control health behaviour .HBM was developed by researchers at US Public Health Service in 1974. Since the last comprehensive review in 1974, the Health Belief Model has continued to be the focus of considerable theoretical and research attention (Janz N,Becker MH,1984 and Harrison JA.el .MullerPD,1992 ) in long and short term behaviour, including risk sexual risk of behaviour and transmission of HIV/AID .This study is include
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Furthermore the emotion ( e.g. denial about her condition as well needed to be in consideration). Moreover, another problem influenced for some researcher is demographic. They founded incertitude in population needed to target and the manner needed to improve the effectiveness in the case’s Testicular self-examination among youn men in Europe. In addition, cultural beliefs about TB – such as maybe reduce the effectiveness(.eg screenings of breast).
In the recent reviews Health Belief Model: a decade later (1984) and Meta-analysis of Studies Of Health Belief Model with adults,(1992) on base the evidence collected all studies had methodological gaps and they not capable to support conclusions. However they recommended that HBM be a part of health education programming. In addition, they are offered suggestions for further research.
This study examined this theory founded inconclusive results about the HMB is capable of predicting or changing behaviours in some conditions. However this model produced significant effects in most of the studies because as to the validity of the model in health behaviour .Therefore further studies are needed to assess the validity of this theory but provides a good insight for health promotion. Further research have be needed. Maybe they needed useful combination between motivational models and Health belief model for predict health behaviour.

Ajzen, I.
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