Health Benefits And Current Health And Social Care Agenda

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Introduction and Background
Highlight rationale for choice of subject related to health benefits and current health and social care agenda. The rationale provided demonstrates an exemplary understanding with a very high level of evaluation of the supporting evidence from policy and literature. Do I understand the nature of the health promotion activity? Including local, national and professional relevance? Can I discuss with confidence the evidence base for what I am doing or have done?

A group of 3 student nurses performed a health promotion topic concerning healthy eating in a local hostel for homeless people aged 16-25. This paper is an evidence based report reviewing the planning, implementation and delivery of the health promotion, highlighting the rationale for choice of subject and paying particular attention to current health and social agenda, health care delivery strategies and promotion thereof. Team working, leadership and graduate skills development during this process will be critically appraised. Furthermore, professional development opportunities as student nurses and the role this plays in their fitness to practice.
The theme of healthy eating was chosen as a topic in view of the fact that the World Health Organisation (WHO) (2015) revealed Scotland’s mortality rate as being the highest in Western Europe, additionally Whyte and Ajetunmobi (2012) conclude that although narrowing the gap Scotland has the highest western mortality rate in specific relation
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