Health Benefits And The Business Aspects Of The Beloved Brew Essay

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My topic of choice is coffee. I personally drink a large amount of it everyday. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I wanted my topic to be. Coffee is something I enjoy everyday and am curiosity about. At one time I wanted to open my own coffee shop. That dream is dead, but I still enjoy the beverage, often in a hip, public place surrounded by friends. I believe this topic will keep me focused and interested and enlighten me on current arguments and facts. I am interested in the health benefits and the business aspects of the beloved brew. I had an intention at one time of pursuing nutrition as a degree, so health information intrigues me. Currently, I am considering business as a degree plan. Researching the business aspect may help prepare me for that future and give me a glimpse at what business entails. On a humorous note, I know I will need large doses of caffeine to make it through my college career, so I would like to know my limits.
I have read many times over the last few years that coffee is good for you. Others tell me often that it is not, to which I tell them it is, based on material I have read, but not researched. I do not recall much material stating that it is bad, but I know it is out there. Part of my research paper will be in pursuit of finding the facts about the health benefits and harms of the brew. From my limited reading in the past, I have learned that it naturally contains antioxidants that fight free radicals in your body,

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