Health Benefits Of Animal Testing

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Animal experimentation is essential to form new medicines and advance in scientific knowledge. Animal testing first starred in the 19th century and has been going on ever since. It started because British wanted to make a chemical drugs and it needed to be tested on animals. For the safety of not taking people's lives. Without animal research there will probably not be any cures for disease. Animal testing on mice have helped find a cure for polio which was a deadly disease. Animal testing is essential to form new medicines and advance in scientific knowledge and for cosmetics use. By using mice and other rodents researchers have developed new techniques to find a tool that helps fight cancer. Mice are one of the first animals to get tested…show more content…
Animal testing is not only for scientific purposes but also for cosmetics purposes. For example products like hairspray, soap,deodorant, have all been tested on animals.” now, scientists argue that testing cosmetics on animals before introducing them to the public is needed for the process, or people would be exposed to products that are potentially harmful”(The Eco Friendly blog). This helps scientist and researchers know to what chemicals they should put in the product for the safety of the customer if not it could lead in skin and eye irritation. “Without the ability to test cosmetics on animals before being released to consumers, it would be difficult for researchers to make an educated guess about these products’ safety. (The Eco Friendly Blog) Helps the developer find the best chemicals to put in the products to give to consumers and list the chemicals that are in the product. “Most tests are done to meet international legislative or regulatory requirements, and are intended to protect the consumer, the workforce and the environment”(Animal Research Info). By animal testing it keeps the public and the environment safe of any harmful chemicals. Therefore testing on animals helps with cosmetics and not putting any harsh chemicals in them and to keep the public…show more content…
Animal testing hurts the animal and never get any pain medicine and gets tested on without getting any breaks Some of the animals that get tested get some pain reliever. The chemical is given to animals in stronger and stronger doses until it dies”(Woods 21). The animal gets chemicals in them and scientist put more chemicals to see how long the animal lives. To know how much chemicals could be too many. For products like hairspray and deodorants and shampoo that is used on a daily bases. The draize skin test is where researchers put some chemicals on animals to see if the skin gets irritated. To see what chemicals should be the
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