Health Benefits Of Raising Minimum Wage

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Many people assume that raising the minimum wage will benefit a lot of employees and see it as a positive direction, but wanting what they want can be a huge drawback for a lot of people as well. Prices in products will rise as well as health benefits. This can be a very negative impact on society. In the other hand, it can benefit everybody and nobody's saying that because many assume that they’re crazy.
According to (Crooks, December 2012), it mentions how the Fair Labors Standards Act (FLSA) and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) guarantee the minimum wage for employees and also make sure no one commits a fraud in their mail. Other things that they cover is that FLSA makes sure that men and women are paid equally;
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Others think that an employment can have a really good living with the minimum wage that they earn. Economists did research and stated that raising it by 10% will reduce employment 0.01%. What this author is trying to conclude is that minimum wage being raised is a good thing. Everybody stating that raising the minimum wage will decrease job opportunities are not saying the truth because the employment rate will not even move at all. One full-time minimum wage used to be able used to keep a family of 3 above the poverty line and now it can not even support a single parent above the poverty line. One other example that was stated in the article was that nearly 90% of the workers who would be affected by the minimum wage hike are older than 20 and 28% are parents. These statistics show that many people used to make enough for an easy living because it was manageable to work with. Times change and good things can’t last forever. Now many families are struggling to stay together through tough times. Most barely make a decent living but what about a family of 3 or 4? There is no chance for them if their parents only make minimum wage. If it were raised many would get out of poverty and have a better living and by doing this then most families won’t have to rely on the government as much. One other benefit that this can have is the morale of the employees. Any customer enjoys seeing an employee being joyful at their job.By increasing their pay many would be motivated to do better and perform better at their own job. They would also work for the company for a long time and never have a thought about quitting the job. One last good thing that would help out millions and the government itself is that the government would be able to reduce some social programs that helped people that are living in
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