Health Benefits Of Vaccination Procedures

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Before vaccines existed, many people were caught ill with nasty, life-threatening diseases that can be lead to several complications and possibly death. (Department of Public Health, n.d.) You should always have the required immunisations and needles according to your status. By having the required immunisations according to your age and gender, you can save yourself from some very bad diseases and illnesses. Although our bodies generally try to fight these foreign organisms, some bacteria cannot be fought against by our immune systems. (World Health Organisation, 2016) Do you want to be the one who is likely to spread a disease of some sort by not having your correct vaccine?

Getting needles is a vital way to keep yourself safe. The vaccinations
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Some major, unlikely effects of getting vaccinated can include; Anaphylactic shock, Cerebrovascular accident (stroke), Hearing loss, Paralysis, Vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels) and in some very bad cases, death. (Adachi, 2013) The minor side effects, of which are very temporary of getting a vaccine can include a sore or stiff arm or mild fever. (World Health Organisation, 2016) Vaccinations have different effects on different people but it is very rare to become terminally ill and usually, the most reaction had by people would be feeling a pinch and having a stiff arm for a while which is just a minor effect on the body and for a very temporary time…show more content…
(World Health Organisation, 2016) Vaccinations combine and react within the immune system to produce an immune response similar to the disease that is being vaccinated against. The vaccines given do not cause the disease or put the person given the vaccine anything your body can’t fight against. The vaccination is basically used to ’train’ the body how to deal with a disease and try to prevent it before your body is faced with the real disease. You should always get the vaccine because in some instances, vaccinations are used to simply to decrease the side effects whereas waiting to get the disease can be much more risky and
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