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Information security management system/vlt2-task2
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Information security management system/vlt2-task2
Health Body Wellness Centre (HBWC) is a health facility that sponsors and encourages medical evaluation, research and dissemination of information among health care experts. At HBWC, the department of Office Grants Giveaway is mandated with to distribute medical grants that are supported by the federal government. The Office of Grants and Giveaways achieves the process of medical funding circulation using Microsoft Access database system that is normally referred to as the Small Hospital Tracking Systems (SHGTS). A risk assessment of a small hospital tracking system was carried out to
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Deliberations on susceptibilities connected to obsolete Operating systems should also be conducted. The system should adopt sophisticated technology that is reliable and proficient. iii. Facilities: HBWC center of operations in chamber 7412 and OGC offices in chambers 9630 must be thoroughly inspected to ensure physical security. iv. Motivations: The objective of HBWC is to offer a proficient methodology of promoting health research and exchange of health information among healthcare experts. Organizations look up to OCG grants to achieve these objectives.
v. Objectives: the plan will entail evaluation of all systems and information on the Local Area Network (LAN) of HBWS to execute proficient ISMS so as to achieve the ISO 27000 series standards. The integrity, availability and confidentiality triad are pertinent facets in the considerations of all the data to be examined and considered during the PDCA procedure (Arnason &Willet,2008).
A2. Guiding Security Principles
The major security principles are integrity, reliability and confidentiality. These three principles present a platform for establishing and applying industrial business security principles for the prevention and protection of IT structures. The three security principles are the foundation of a coherent ISMS framework as they offer a guideline for its growth.
A3 .Process
The ISMS will apply the PDCA process, and a changeover plan to transform HBWC from its present state to the
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