Health Campaign Essay

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Health Campaign Final Essay The health behavior that was chosen to promote during our campaign was yoga. We encouraged students, staff, and faculty members at Knox College to partake in yoga classes offered by the school in order to reduce stress and target a particular health/illness outcome. The main physical health/illness outcome targeted in this campaign was reduced blood pressure. Yoga is also seen to improve cardiovascular health. We chose to focus on the benefits of yoga to improve blood pressure and cardiovascular health instead of just one or the other because most of the studies that we found while researching mentioned both decreased blood pressure and improved cardiovascular health occurring from practicing yoga. In Fan,…show more content…
The results of this study showed significant improvement in quality of life, anxiety, and blood pressure in the meditation group. While in controls, quality of life deteriorated and there was no improvement in blood pressure. In Satin, Jillian R., et al., "Yoga and Psychophysiological Determinants of Cardiovascular Health: Comparing Yoga Practitioners, Runners, and Sedentary Individuals", this cross-sectional study examined the cardiovascular health markers in long-term practitioners of yoga (yogis), runners, and sedentary individuals. The researchers compared physiological, psychological, and lifestyle variables associated with cardiovascular health across groups. Results showed that Yogis and runners showed favorable profiles compared to sedentary individuals on heart rate, heart rate variability, depression, perceived stress, and cigarette smoking. Runners and male yogis showed superior aerobic fitness compared to the sedentary group. Yogis demonstrated a lower respiration rate compared to sedentary individuals and were more likely to refrain from eating meat compared to other groups. Yogis and runners demonstrated several cardiovascular health advantages over sedentary individuals. These three studies support our campaign specifically targeting our physical
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