Essay about Health Campaign on Diabetes

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Health Campaign Melanie Johnson HCS 535 June 3, 2013 Beth Hale Health Campaign Health objectives and campaigns are designed to set the foundation for addressing health care issues prevalent across the nation. Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people. Due to the complications that can often go along with diabetes, public health policies are implemented to clarify issues that will improve the health of individuals. As presented in the health campaign part one, there are numerous government agencies, which exploit health information on federal, state, and local levels to develop policies and allocate resources to programs and necessary organizations. Many models and systems are used to manage diabetes and bring forth…show more content…
It is important to understand the process of engagement to which a community participates in community efforts and take action on health care issues. Community-based foundations respond to challenges in public health by developing upon already established attitudes and on a history of community leadership. Communities are becoming involved and are delving into intricate roles to inform and influence public health issues such as diabetes. Diabetic community-based groups help individuals become more confident in their decisions regarding their health care. Supports groups enable diabetics to maintain healthy lifestyles and be able to introduce comprehensive steps to build better futures (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2004). Institutional and Community Leadership Health care organizations and communities must work together to support diabetes care programs. Addressing health care issues, such as diabetes, is challenging for health care systems to achieve without the support of the community. “The Building Community Supports for Diabetes Care (BCS) program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Diabetes Initiative required that projects build community supports for diabetes care through clinic-community partnerships” (Brownson, O’Toole, Shetty, & Fisher, 2007, p. 210). The BCS project’s demonstrates community leadership
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